Production Releases

You can find the production release history for the Patch My PC Publisher below.

2.0.8 - 2021-07-12


  • Manage Conflicting Process ‘Close and Update’ button will now call the CloseMainWindow first. If the conflicting application is still running after 20 seconds we fall back to the Kill method.

    • This gives the user 20 seconds to respond to any ‘save’ prompts or other app-closing windows.

  • Pre/Post scripts for uninstall

  • Manage Conflicting Process settings also apply to uninstall. This ensures that a user will be prompted to close software for the uninstall as well.

  • Allow multiple webhooks so alerts are posted to multiple endpoints.

  • MSI uninstall performed by Scriptrunner will append REBOOT=ReallySuppress to the uninstall command.

  • MSI uninstall performed by Scriptrunner will generate an MSI log file if logging is configured for the application in the Publisher.

  • The Show Package Info wizard will now show the file size from the catalog.


  • If publishing an update fails with timestamping then we will attempt to publish again without timestamping.

  • Improved connection testing to during publisher sync.

  • During Publisher sync the WSUS cleanup for ‘Unneeded update files’ will now run.

  • Manage Conflicting Process UI should now scale better vertically.


  • Fix user validation of the input fields for pre/post script when the file does not exist.

  • Fixed Intune detection script which was looking for a non-existent ‘dn’ property.

  • Fixed Intune detection script so that it will parse invalid version parts that exceed a 32-bit signed integer.

  • Fixed ConfigMgr detection script so that the RegKeyDetection work as expected for enhanced detection based on additional registry key values.

    • Script Version: 3.1

  • Fixed a bug where double-clicking an item in the Intune App Manager would cause an ‘Index out of Range’ unhandled exception. This now opens the Manage Assignment wizard as expected.

  • Fixed a bug where ConfigMgr applications with only user-based deployment types would have the checkbox set to allow installation during a task sequence, which is not allowed.

  • Fixed a bug where the UI notification log file may not be created if the folder does not exist.

  • Fixed a bug where user-based ConfigMgr applications may not have the Application Experience configuration properly configured.

2.0.7 - 2021-06-30



  • Further improvements to CM log format for culture compatibility.

2.0.6 - 2021-06-16


  • Add support to re-sign updates.

  • Use windows native methods for signing PowerShell scripts.

    • Can be disabled with a registry key as noted here.


  • PowerShell detection scripts will use regex to extract the version from the displayVersion field to account for vendors that put more than the version in the field.

  • Set ErrorAction to SilentlyContinue for extra regkey validation checks to suppress errors in the event the key does not exist.

  • Add a delay in Scriptrunner if the main installer exits in less than 2 seconds. This is to account for installers that spawn child processes.


  • Fixed a bug where a ‘Security Error’ may occur when signing PowerShell scripts and a PowerShell Execution Policy is set via GPO.

2.0.5 - 2021-06-08


  • Add option to update Intune assignments on sync.

    • New checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Assignments wizard to ‘Override manual assignment changes…’

  • Add the title of the application or update to the Manage Assignments wizard.

  • Notifications are presentation mode aware

  • View and customize Conflicting Processes list

  • The UI notification for Conflict Processes now lists all processes which are conflicting in a dropdown. This is to make it more clear what software will be closed.

  • Send alerts to Slack

  • Reverted a Scriptrunner change which flagged the exe to always run as Administrator. This is in preparation for supporting user-based applications in Intune and ConfigMgr.


  • When a product is double-clicked in the show package info tool the applicability rule will be shown.

  • Improve the message which displays when an incorrect configuration is saved.

  • Code changes in preparation for user-based applications.

  • Publisher SMTP alerts for the creation of ConfigMgr apps, Intune apps, and Intune updates will all now show the CVE information. Previously only the WSUS updates would show this information.

  • Added notes to the pre/post script window to help clarify the feature functionality.


  • Fixed a bug where the Manage Conflicting Process window would not appear when a ConfigMgr application was deployed as required and the checkbox for ‘Allow user interaction…’ was not checked.

  • Fixed a bug where Intune role scope tags would not be updated on sync for Intune Updates.

  • Fixed a bug where the configured proxy may not be used for the Intune connection during publisher sync.

  • Fixed a bug where software may be marked for revision during every sync of the Publisher. This would occur when PreventConflictingProcessRestart was in use and the KillProcess was set instead of Notify.

  • Fixed a bug where the 'Exclude from Auto-Publishing' option for Intune apps and Intune updates may not work as expected causing excluding software to still be published if found.

  • When a user or admin category was selected on a ConfigMgr application the Publisher would create a revision of the application every synchronization. Now a revision will only be created if a user or admin category needs to be added.

  • Improved logging when checking access to if a proxy is defined

2.0.4 - 2021-04-26


  • Adding a right-click context menu to the Intune App Manager allowing you to navigate to the MEM portal to view some application information.


  • Fixed a bug where ConfigMgr applications would not populate in the Publisher if a scope was set at the All Vendors or the Vendor level.

2.0.3 - 2021-04-21


  • Added the Usage Statistics group in the General tab that will show usage statistics

  • Changed the license input to display only the 20 character license id and not the full license URL

  • Define ConfigMgr scopes inside the Publisher service

    • Note: This requires updated permissions. The ‘Import Role’ option in the Publisher will import the role with proper permissions or you can refer to this article.


  • The Intune and ConfigMgr scan wizard ‘Export’ buttons now prompt for whether the filter should be applied to the export.

  • Improve how Timestamping is handled in some scenarios.

  • Improved the speed of Intune application deletion by using batch calls to Microsoft Graph

  • Options related to WSUS have been moved from the Advanced tab to the Options button in the Updates tab


  • The classification field in the Intune Apps Manager is not populated for Updates

  • Update revision doesn’t take account of republished updates

  • Connections to Intune may not respect the proxy configuration set in the Publisher.

  • ‘Show Package Details…’ right-click option would not load as expected.

  • CVE Wizard would not load as expected.

  • SSRS dashboards would report a negative % for compliance in some scenarios. The reports can be reinstalled if you are affected by following the same process as the initial install which will overwrite the reports.

2.0.2 - 2021-04-06


  • ConfigMgr right-click option to set OS type requirement – client vs. server

  • Intune Scoping Support

    • There is a new right-click option for Intune applications and updates which lets you ‘Manage scope tags.’

    • Scope tags will be copied from the previous PMPC application or update to the new version during Publisher sync.

    • Requires new permission to be added to the Azure App Registration

      • DeviceManagementRBACRead.All

  • Change description text and icon for Intune Win32 applications

  • Retain N-X apps in ConfigMgr when set to ‘Create a new application…’ is enabled.

  • Retain N-X apps in ConfigMgr when set to ‘Update existing application…’ is enabled.


  • Scriptrunner will now automatically prompt for elevation when executed.

  • Improve how settings are saved to prevent losing your Publisher configuration in some scenarios such as no disk space.

  • The UI Notification feature for conflicting processes will now exit with an exit code 1602 if the installation is snoozed or a timeout occurs. Previously it was 1618 which could cause very frequent reevaluation.

  • Wait to delete local content repository files until the end of the Publisher sync if the option to ‘Delete the update file in the local repository after publishing’ is selected.

    • In some cases, customers had the same binary needed for two different publish actions, and the second publish would fail because the binary had been deleted.

  • In the DownloadHistory.csv file, we now include the purpose of the download and the port.

  • The scan wizard found application count is now updated to reflect applications found with the specified filter.

  • Scriptrunner will now clean up leftover ‘Image File Execution Options’ registry keys. This helps prevent unexpected blocking of application launch in the event scriptrunner crashes and leaves behind some of these keys. We have also update the Manage Conflicting Processes docs to provide additional information for this scenario.

  • Updated the ConfigMgr detection script to cast the DisplayVersion to a string before trimming in the event a vendor has created DisplayVersion as a DWORD and not a REG_SZ

    • Script Version: 2.9

  • The ‘Purpose’ field will now be cleared in the Intune App Manager when all assignments are removed.


  • Fixed a bug where we may fail to parse a package.xml file that contains special characters such as an ampersand.

  • Fixed a bug where the DownloadUrl and MoreInfoUrl columns were not sortable in the ‘Show Package Info’ UI.

  • Fixed a bug where the UI may crash if there is a large number of Azure AD Groups being retrieved and the UI is closed before the query completes.

  • Fixed a bug where some right-click options such as Manage Categories, Manage ESP profiles and Manage Naming Convention may not propagate from the root, or vendor level to a newly enabled product.

  • Fixed a bug where assignments may not be added to an existing Intune Win32 application during Publisher sync.

  • Fixed a bug where the Publisher UI would crash if the ‘Modify Updates Wizard’ was launched on a computer that does not have the WSUS role.

  • Fixed a bug where only the first 1000 Intune applications are returned which can cause Application lookup failures via Microsoft Graph.

2.0.1 - 2020-03-02


  • Interactive user notifications that allow the user to be prompted to close conflicting software

  • Delete N-# applications / updates in Intune

    • There are new settings available in the ‘Intune Options’ which allows you to specify retention for Intune Applications and Intune Updates. The valid values are between 0 and 10.

  • InstallPackage as the default behavior for ScriptRunner

    • When the PatchMyPc-ScriptRunner.exe is double-clicked it will default to searching for package.xml in the same directory and performing /InstallPackage which allows PMPC application install to be launched without running them from the command line.

  • Apply Intune naming convention to existing applications and updates during a Publisher sync

  • Set ‘Featured App’ flag on Intune apps via right-click options

  • Use Scriptrunner to uninstall MSIs

  • Use MainFile to uninstall software

  • Increase the max delay for the ConfigMgr delay application creation feature to 32 days.


  • Only one instance of the Publisher is allowed to run at a time. If a second user runs the Publisher they will receive an error message and the Publisher will close.

  • Intune Application Manager button is now available in the Intune Apps and Intune Updates tab directly, as well as in the Intune Options.

  • ConfigMgr detection scripts now validate the architecture and installation type of the software being detected.

    • This feature was in place for Intune scripts and has been integrated into the ConfigMgr scripts.

    • Script Version: 2.8


  • Fixed a bug where adding file-based right-click option to a ConfigMgr application would not trigger a revision in some cases.

    • Examples: MST, Pre/Post Script, Additional files

  • Fixed a bug where the Intune detection and requirement script might fail to work as expected if there are invalid registry properties on an object in the registry.

  • Fixed a bug where the new Conflicting Process settings may not be saved for ConfigMgr applications.

  • Fixed a bug where the company logo may not show in the Conflicting Process UI for Intune clients.

  • Fixed a bug where the Conflicting Processes deferral count would allow more than the configured number of deferrals.

2.0.0 - 2020-01-29

This version of the publisher will be rolled out over the coming week. If you would like to upgrade now you can download the latest MSI here.


  • Modify Autopilot Enrollment Status Page profiles.

  • Update ESP profiles when an application is updated. This will ensure the latest application version is associated with your ESP.

  • Select profiles an application should be assigned to with a new right-click option.

  • DeviceManagementServiceConfig.ReadWrite.All

  • Support for MSP Patching via Intune.

  • ScriptRunner will use QuietUninstallString when found for application uninstallation.

  • Add an additional Right-Click option for x86 OS requirement for x86 application installers

  • Sign PMPC provided pre/post scripts with local WSUS Code Signing certificate

  • ScriptRunner now deletes log files older than X days according to the setting in Advanced Tab.


  • PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner has improved logic for UninstallPackage.

  • Now factors in SystemComponent and QuietUninstallString when searching the registry.

  • Intune Scan Wizard updated to match the ConfigMgr scan wizard.

  • Can include zero-count applications in results and export.

  • Filtering options updated.

  • The ‘Exclude from auto-publish…’ option now exists for Intune Apps and Intune Updates.

  • Scan Wizards will now automatically allow vertical scrolling if needed.

  • Improved vertical scrollbar behavior for Scan Wizards

  • Implement a retry when performing some ‘POST’ operations to Microsoft Graph to improve Intune Win32 app creation reliability.

  • The warning message box that pops up if the Enrollment Status Page right-click option is invoked without proper Azure App Registration Permission now has a ‘Help’ button that links to the permission KB article.

  • The pre and post script ‘browse’ buttons now will open to the location of the currently selected script if found.

  • Update right-click option text to accurately reflect functionality.

  • Exclude from being enabled during automated SCCM/Intune inventory scans

  • Renamed to: Exclude from auto-publishing rules

  • Add/Manage pre/post update installation scripts

  • Renamed to: Add/Manage pre/post scripts

  • Patch My PC defined pre/post update installation scripts

  • Renamed to: Patch My PC defined pre/post scripts


  • Fixed a bug where the certificate option would be enabled while in

    ‘Intune Only’ mode.

  • Fixed a bug where the Intune Graph token used by features such as Intune App Category selection would expire if the Publisher UI was open for a long time.

  • Fixed a bug where unnecessary calls were made to renew the Graph API token when performing Graph Batch queries.

  • Fixed a bug where the ConfigMgr ‘Recreate Detection’ option would not set the MSI product code for the newly generated script.

  • Fixed a bug where the ConfigMgr ‘Recreate Detection’ option would not set the VersionInclude for the newly generated script.

  • Fixed a bug where an Enrollment Status Page may have a mobileAppId listed twice when making the Graph PATCH API call. This would cause a 400 status code, and cause the API call to fail.

  • Fixed a bug where the Intune Scan or ConfigMgr Scan would happen if the respective ‘Auto-Enable’ option was enabled, but the feature itself, such as Intune Updates, was disabled.

  • Fixed a bug where the Teams notifications for auto-enable would not contain details regarding the software.

  • Fixed a bug where the auto-enable feature of Intune Scanning may cause duplicate Win32 apps to be published within Intune.

  • Fixed a bug where conflicting right-click options could be selected in the scan wizards.

  • Fixed a bug with the new Log Retention feature of Script Runner where it may unnecessarily trigger an ‘Update Content’ on ConfigMgr applications.