Verify Third-Party Updates Appear in WSUS Console

Next, we want to verify that the third-party updates appear in the WSUS Console.

Any updates published after the WSUS Standalone option was enabled should appear directly in the WSUS console.

Note: If updates were published before this setting was enabled, they would not appear in the WSUS console automatically.

For updates published before WSUS Standalone mode was enabled, use the Modify Published Updates Wizard to make those updates appear in the WSUS console.

Adding an Update View for Patch My PC Updates

We can also create a new Update View for Patch My PC updates. This will help with finding and managing updates from Patch My PC within WSUS.

We'll walk through that process in the steps below:

  • In WSUS right-click Updates and select New Update View...

  • Under Step 1, select Updates are for a specific product

  • Under Step 2, select any product

  • In the Choose Products window, check the All Products box at the top to disable all products. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, enable the boxes for Patch My PC and SCUP Updates, and select OK

  • For Step 3, specify a name, for example: Patch My PC Updates, and select OK

  • Select Patch My PC Updates

  • If needed, change Approval to Any Except Declined and Status to Any

  • Hit Refresh and now you will see all of the Patch My PC Updates in that list

You can now deploy the third-party updates just like a Microsoft update directly from the WSUS console.

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