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Advanced Insights Releases

You can find the production release history for the Advanced Insights product below.

1.0.16 - 2023-05-19

Installer Improvements

  • Installer now shows details of in-use certificate on upgrade so that re-selecting the correct cert is simpler if that is the correct action. You can still pick a different certificate if required.
  • We stop the App Pools on upgrade to try to alleviate issues with upgrade failing because of files in use.

Product Improvements

Fixed a bug when navigating to a CVE record from an Update record

1.0.15 - 2023-05-16


  • Removed the facility to upload custom logos, as this caused a problem rendering dashboard pages.
  • User Role functionality errors required a user to have access to Settings area, this is no longer required.
  • New roles did not function as expected and required an AD Group to be assigned, this is now fixed.
  • Validation of Active Directory Group name fails when associating a role to a group, this has been fixed.
  • CORS errors and dashboard load failure when the front end website is installed on port 443, this is now fixed.
  • HP Devices show invalid data in Warranty dashboard. As the HP Warranty API is now deprecated this functionality has been removed.
  • Export option missing from Application Compliance views.
  • Added username to Application Compliance and Update Compliance view.
  • Added collection filters to Hardware dashboards.
  • Added RBAC filtering to Collections dashboard.
  • Added Average Performance column to Operating System - Boot Performance dashboard.

1.0.1 - 2023-05-01

  • Initial release of Advanced Insights
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