Advanced Insights Releases

You can find the production release history for the Advanced Insights product below.

2.1.2 - 2024-04-10

Minor optional release to fix an upgrade issue experienced by users who login via Azure Active Directory (Entra). This release fixes the error "Username '{emailaddress}' is already taken" when logging in.

2.1.1 - 2024-03-20

Minor release to permit upgrade for customers on pre-release version of 2.1.0 and to fix minor version numbering error.

2.1.0 - 2024-03-19

Major release with changes to infrastructure requirements and new functionality.

Updated dependencies

  • Dotnet has been update to 7.0.17 for security fixes

  • Advanced Insights no longer requires SQL Server for its configuration. Your config will be migrated to a new SQLite database on first load of the dashboard following upgrade. You can then remove the legacy PMPCAdvancedInsights database from your SQL environment.

New Functionality

  • Major performance improvements in SQL load time for Home dashboard, Software Updates dashboard and Updates page.

  • Update Trend dashboard

  • This new dashboard provides visibility of deployment compliance trend over time. You can plot how long it took from update release to first install, 50% compliance, 90% compliance and total installation. The chart can be expanded under the cog icon to show total deployment data. On first load the update with most deployment data over the past 30 days will be selected, you can use the filter pickers below the chart to select other updates, date ranges and filter by collection.

  • Browser Extensions Dashboard. New dashboard (requires latest inventory extension update)

  • Warranty dashboard now respects RBAC and Collection filters

  • Custom Patch My PC actions available to install update, clear the CCM cache, Repair the ConfigMgr client a "Notify" option to send a message a to a device. These functions use the BGB Channel, so will function over CMG as well as on LAN. They are also available in the Bulk Actions lists, allowing you to bulk send a notification, or clear the ConfigMgr Cache on a list of machines.

  • Draggable modals - you can now move the popup modal views around the screen

Bug fixes

  • Warranty re-caching now works again

  • If the MSRC API has availability issues, we will now load cached data if possible

Installer Improvements

  • Installer PowerShell custom actions rewritten into C#.

  • Installer now includes modification feature to change the SSL certificate which is used for Advanced Insights.

  • Dialog text and layout improvements.

2.0.3 - 2024-02-15

Minor release primarily for security and browser engine changes

On 2024-02-23, an updated installer executable was created to address a failed upgrade issue faced by customers when upgrading from versions older than 1.0.27. If you have upgraded using the previous installer and Advanced Insights no longer loads, please perform a repair on the installation via Add/Remove programs or uninstall and reinstall using this new executable. The new installer is downloadable from

Updated dependencies

  • Dotnet has been update to 7.0.16 for security fixes

  • Ag-grid has been updated to 31.0.1 for bug fixes

New features

  • Microsoft version data is now bundled with the application as backup in case is inaccessible

  • Added additional info to AD settings, detailing how it works

Bug fixes

  • Disabled global filter for warranty dashboard.

  • Added in additional error messages and checks for AD Auth failures and why

  • Fixed potential issue with tables not rendering and future EDGE/Chrome release

  • Fixed filters not being applied on search and dashboards

  • Multiple SQL changes for speed and accuracy

  • "View more data" modals that showed no data are now fixed

2.0.2 - 2024-01-17

Minor optional update to add security scope for new graphics dashboard.

2.0.1 - 2024-01-16

Version 2.0.1 is a major release of Advanced Insights with breaking changes which require actions by the administrator to deploy the new Inventory Extensions MSI, replacing the legacy PowerShell solution used in version 1.0.

Breaking changes

  • Deployment of Advanced Insights extensions now relies on the SMS Provider for Hardware Inventory class extensions, which without correct permissions to the SMS Provider cannot install or update existing classes.

  • Advanced Insights API App pool now runs as Local System instead of Network Service as the API Website has inherited the work of the Controller Website which ran as Local System.

  • Port 44300 is no longer required for application functionality and firewall rules can be disabled. 44301 is now the only mandatory required port.

Deprecated functionality

  • Proxy bypass is deprecated as there is no more localhost communication between websites.

  • Advanced Insights extension PowerShell package is now deprecated and is no longer supported or recommended. Replaced with WMI Provider.

  • Email and SMS based 2FA have been removed, Google (TOTP) based 2FA is the only support 2FA auth solution.

Major changes

  • Extensions now work using WMI Provider and not PowerShell scripts.

  • Application now consists of just the API and Frontend websites.

  • Large installer rewrite.

  • CNAME support.

  • Global collection filter, allowing full dashboard collection filter with persistence between dashboard changes.

  • Windows 11 Readiness dashboard.

  • ODBC Dashboard.

  • Graphics card dashboard with click through details on device view.

  • Client actions can now be performed against a list of devices in any data table.

  • BitLocker compliance now provides "no compliance" reason.

  • Device power state indicator in lists where a device is shown.

Minor changes

  • Targeting latest dotnet 7 version and library updates.

  • Remote control is now bundled with the application in the installation directory.

  • Additional export functionality for Warranty data.

  • Partial CVE Search in global search (MSRC Only).

  • Extensions settings page redesign.

  • Debug ability to limit amount of concurrent SQL queries being run against the DB

Bug fixes

  • Revised SQL queries for Content DP List for Application Modal.

  • Visual fixes around colours, spacing and layout.

  • 2FA enablement in users’ profile is now visible.

  • Misc fixes and optimisations.

1.0.27 - 2023-11-27


  • Patch Insights - Update-focussed reporting solution for non-Premium SKU customers. The same installer is used, the version of Insights shown to the user is dependent on the Patch My PC Licence.

  • CVE Dashboard improvement - BaseScore and TemporalScore tooltips added to describe what these mean for threat analytics.

Bug fixes:


  • Switched Active Directory authentication to use UPN instead of email address for Active Directory users. If your user's UPN is different from their email address, then a new user will be created in Advanced Insights.


  • Fixed bug removing settings inputs for Azure AD if "disabled" is not selected

  • Fix issue in Global collection not being set

  • Switched to using CNIsOnline for device online check in device modal to more reliably display online status. Also show online status in device modal title

  • Fixed settings page not working for non admin role users

  • Fixed license revalidate when not an admin user

  • Modal fixes for View Chart Data for Servicing channel and Release Version

  • Checkbox visibility improved

  • Multiple revisions to the SQL queries related to performance

  • Multiple smaller fixes

1.0.26 - 2023-10-02

Installer Improvements

  • Certificates dialog – complete redesign.

    Key certificate properties are shown within the dialog and flag any warnings

  • Upgrade dialog updated.

    Now includes info on the current certificate and if there’s any attributes of the certificate which require attention and an option to change the in-use certificate.

  • Current certificate properties can be viewed in this screen:

Product Improvements

  • Support for non-English versions of Windows "Enterprise" in the Operating System support statements

  • OSD Dashboard now shows progress for Task Sequences without the standard Apply OS step

  • Threat Analytics dashboard now shows an error if SQL Functional Level is not at least 130

  • Further proxy fixes

Known Issues

  • Accessing the welcome page will reset proxy bypass to false, causing the application to fail to render any dashboards for customers who require this setting to be enabled. To fix, please go to Administration -> Settings -> External Services -> Re-enable Localhost Bypass and save -> Restart the controller website via IIS Manager on the server hosting Advanced Insights.

1.0.25 - 2023-09-15

Product Improvements

  • Proxy settings now allow both Localhost via proxy and Localhost proxy bypass. Proxies are now enabled for Localhost by default.

  • Fixed application initialisation regression (spinning circle on load).

Installer Improvements

  • The installer has new logic to exclude selection of certificates with weak signature algorithms ('SHA1', 'SHA1RSA' etc) and include certificates with algorithms at SHA256 and above.

  • During the IIS Configuration phase, the installer will now add required MIME Types and HTTP Verbs.

    • MIME Types

      • .json - (API, Controller and Warranty site objects)

      • .jsonId - (API, Controller and Warranty site objects)

      • .woff - (Frontend site object)

      • .woff2 - (Frontend site object)

    • HTTP Verbs

      • 'OPTIONS' = True are set automatically under ‘Request Filtering’ for both API and Controller site objects.

1.0.24 - 2023-09-13

Product Improvements

  • Fix for issue with Advanced Insights when installed on the same server as Patch My PC Publisher. Changes to registry permissions in the Publisher led to an exception in the Advanced Insights portal.

1.0.23 - 2023-08-30

Installer Improvements

  • The installer upgrade experience is now shorter. Upgrade will also complete using /q for a completely unattended upgrade.

Product Improvements

  • Removed faulty Certificates class from custom inventory

  • Modified faulty Local Group class to exclude domain controllers

  • Improvement to proxy handling for proxy servers which route localhost entries.

  • The login page was limited to 32 character passwords, this restriction has been removed

  • Warranty tab would not load if General tab had not first been loaded

  • Office 365 page load failure

1.0.22 - 2023-08-18

Installer Improvements

  • First install now finds most appropriate free port for the frontend website, will default to 443 if available, then 444, then 44303 and up.

  • Certificate selection dialog is now locale independent

Product Improvements

  • Proxy support has been improved. If the Welcome Experience cannot access it will automatically prompt for proxy details at first use. The proxy types supported are http, socks4 and socks5. Please add the correct protocol to the start of your proxies network address e.g. http://x.x.x.x, socks4://x.x.x.x, socks5://x.x.x.x. Ports can be added at the end of the network address e.g. http://x.x.x.x:1234"

  • Software inventory reports failed with application version strings greater than 32 characters.

  • Console users and device affinity sometimes missing from device view.

  • Connected display view in device view was sometimes incorrect in screen display order.

  • Missing data in "Missing Configuration Items" view in Microsoft Updates page.

  • NULL Content Sources paths cause exception in Inventory Extensions tab.

  • License File handling improved for license refresh scenarios.

  • When using AzureAD Authentication first name and surname mapping was incorrect.

  • Added functionality to differentiate between workstations and servers on the pending restart reports.

  • Data Export function missing from Collections, Connected Displays, Batteries data, Physical storage devices.

  • Fixed a bug that caused roles with an AD group to not be assigned to the user if any other roles were set as default.

1.0.21 - 2023-07-14

Product Improvements

  • Bug with Warranty Service when installing on ConfigMgr database host. If you are not affected by this then you do not need to upgrade. Can also be fixed by carrying out the following process:

    1. In IIS Admin go to Application Pools, find the Advanced Insights Warranty App Pool, select it and click Advanced Settings

    2. Scroll down to the Identity property and change it from NETWORK SERVICE to LOCAL SYSTEM and click OK to that change

    3. Browse to %ProgramData%\AdvancedInsights\Data\Warranty and delete the AdvancedInsightsWarranty.db file

    4. Now go back into Advanced Inisghts and go to Administration - Settings - External Services and uncheck the "Warranty - Is Enabled" checkbox. Save this setting.

    5. Now go back to that tab and re-enable Warranty and Warranty Caching. Save this.

    6. Go back to the Warranty Dashboard and click the Bulk Processing dashstat in the top left.

1.0.20 - 2023-07-12

Installer Improvements

  • Installer will install Internet Information Server if it is not already present

  • SQL Connection dialog allows user to check permissions to database as well as connectivity

  • Certificates dialog excludes a wider range of invalid certificates (checks DNS/SAN names are FQDN)

  • Enhanced support for non-English languages (especially French)

Product Improvements

  • Fixed the following bugs:

  • Distribution Point view showing incorrect drive letter

  • Device view title not populating with client name

  • Inventory script for getting battery health times out

  • CVE view does not load when opening CVE tab from Update view

  • Remote control helper download link was invalid

  • AD authenticating users may have group-assigned roles added multiple times

  • Invalid security permissions removed for "Security Analyst" dashboard

  • User with access to Collection dashboard has rights to modify collection membership even if that right is not granted

  • Unable to see all data in Content Sources - CloudDP - Host table

  • Missing descriptive text on OS Boot Performance dashstats

  • Task sequence action errors show incorrect year date

  • AD integrated environments do not assign default roles if group-assigned roles are applicable

  • Dashboards fail to load when installed on French Language server OS

  • View Chart Data option on Windows Servicing chart shows correct data

New Features / Changes

  • Operating System Page now has Pending Restart data

  • Software - Client Inventory now includes User Installed Applicaiton info

  • Added SMTP Configuration settings

  • IIS Application Pool identities are now NETWORK SERVICE and LOCAL SERVICE instead of LOCAL SYSTEM for API, Warranty and Frontend websites. Controller can run under NETWORK SERVICE (requires manual modification) if running on a server which is not the SCCM site server.

  • Log files now created in %ProgramData%\AdvancedInsights\Logs folder and with .log extension

  • Warranty database now created in %ProgramData%\AdvancedInsights\Data

  • Usability improvements to Welcome experience

1.0.19 - 2023-06-06

Installer Improvements

  • Installer will remember last used certificate and SQL server details from this version on - support for silent upgrade for version 1.0.20 onward.

  • Previous used certificate is highlighted in certificate dialog to help with setup.

Product Improvements

  • Fixed bug for device view title not loading correctly in certain scenarios

  • Remote control helper download and functionality fixed (see this document for details)

  • Bug where AD user accounts have roles reassigned at each login is resolved

  • Removed unneeded role entries

  • Added SMTP configuration settings for email notification to users on account creation and password reset

  • Fixed bug with users having rights to add devices to collections via collection dashboard when this right was not granted


Internal build, not released publicly.


Internal build, not released publicly.

1.0.16 - 2023-05-19

Installer Improvements

  • Installer now shows details of in-use certificate on upgrade so that re-selecting the correct cert is simpler if that is the correct action. You can still pick a different certificate if required.

  • We stop the App Pools on upgrade to try to alleviate issues with upgrade failing because of files in use.

Product Improvements

Fixed a bug when navigating to a CVE record from an Update record

1.0.15 - 2023-05-16


  • Removed the facility to upload custom logos, as this caused a problem rendering dashboard pages.

  • User Role functionality errors required a user to have access to Settings area, this is no longer required.

  • New roles did not function as expected and required an AD Group to be assigned, this is now fixed.

  • Validation of Active Directory Group name fails when associating a role to a group, this has been fixed.

  • CORS errors and dashboard load failure when the front end website is installed on port 443, this is now fixed.

  • HP Devices show invalid data in Warranty dashboard. As the HP Warranty API is now deprecated this functionality has been removed.

  • Export option missing from Application Compliance views.

  • Added username to Application Compliance and Update Compliance view.

  • Added collection filters to Hardware dashboards.

  • Added RBAC filtering to Collections dashboard.

  • Added Average Performance column to Operating System - Boot Performance dashboard.

1.0.1 - 2023-05-01

  • Initial release of Advanced Insights

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