License Key

How to get your Patch My PC license, properly assigned in the publisher service.

Catalog Information - License Key

When the publisher first launches, you will be required to provide a license key. If you have not yet purchased and received your license key, we provide two additional free options for testing our product.

The first option is to enable the Limited Trial Mode. This limited trial mode does have some restrictions including a limited number of products as covered in the link above. We encourage you to request a free thirty-day trial from our website. When you receive your full-trial or customer license email, it will contain your 20 character license key.

The full-access 30-day trial contains all features and access to all products.

If the license validation is successful, it should look like the below image.

If you receive an error when clicking Validate URL, please review our knowledge base article Troubleshooting License Activation Issues. License activation errors are often related to firewall or proxy configurations.

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