📌 Patch My PC Docs

The configuration guides will help you get Patch My PC setup within Microsoft Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, and with standalone WSUS.

⚙ Installation

To help get you started, we provide a few different guides (documented or video) to help you install the Patch My PC Publisher. Let us help make sure you pick the correct guide by selecting one of the tabs below. Each of the tabs also has a corresponding setup video for your convenience. Don't feel like going it alone? You can also schedule a call with the Patch My PC engineering team to guide you through the process.

💿 Download the Publisher MSI Installer

Download Patch My PC Publisher

Configuration Manager Install

Are you installing the product with Configuration Manager? No problem, click the link below for our Configuration Manager Guide! The guide includes a text-based version, video, and the ability to directly schedule a setup call with an engineer!

Intune Install

Are you installing the product for Microsoft Intune? No problem, click the link below for our Intune standalone guide! The guide includes a text-based version, video, and the ability to directly schedule a setup call with an engineer!

📄 Release History

Curious about what changed when? Don't worry we document that here too. You can check out our release history in the release history section for our private builds, and our preview builds. If you don't want to come back here every time a new release comes out that's OK we have an RSS feed you can follow as well for catalog releases, and release history.

📅 Schedule a Live Demo

If you're just getting started and need help learning the product no problem we can give you a live interactive demo where we will explain everything you need to know about our product from a deep dive inner workings of the product to licenses and security. 🔒

🤝 Schedule a Guided Install

So you've seen a demo, and you're ready to try the product out in your environment. To get you started off right we offer a FREE guided installation of the product in your environment. We strongly encourage all customers to bring an engineer along for the ride to ensure you get the maximum value out of our product and to ensure smooth sailing. ⛵

❓ Schedule Review Call for Q&A

Something seems not quite right? Maybe you want to brush up and learn about all those cool new features we've been releasing since the last time you had a demo. No worries, you can schedule a review call any time you like and our team will be happy to help you study up and help make sure your environment is in top shape. 🎩

💁‍♂️ Support Case

When all else fails and you can't find the answers you need we will always be there for you. While we do have a lot of written knowledge articles sometimes those just aren't enough. If you ever find that to be the case, or something is going disastrously wrong you can always open a support case with our talented team of experts.

🏫 Resources

Not everything always works in pure documentation format and for this, we have some links to our most commonly used resources on our website including

📚 FAQs

Got questions about licensing, subscription types, or how we handle security? Don't worry we get asked those questions all the time.

🏠 Homepage

Ready to head on back to our home page? Don't worry we booked you a ride there.

🚘 Roadmap

Curious about where we are going and what we are planning to do we make all that information publicly available on our home page.

💡 UserVoice

Is there something we are missing? Maybe a new document, a new feature, or a new app? If you head on over to our user voice you can submit new ideas for us and make recommendations.

🤝 About Us

Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Head on over to our about us page to learn more about who we are and our companies core values.