Sync Schedule

Getting started with a Sync Schedule for the patch my pc publisher and understanding product timing.

Scheduling Daily Publish

By default, we recommend the Publisher sync runs on a daily basis. The sync schedule only controls when updates or applications are published to your environment. Keep in mind this will also affect assignment scheduling if you use the manage assignments feature.

Tip: Generally, Patch My PC releases an update to the catalog three to five times a week. These updates are released usually posted by 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

When Patch My PC releases these new updates, the sync schedule is what automates the publication process.

You can also manually start the sync and publication process at any time by selecting the Run Publishing Service Sync option.

Intune Application Manager

After the sync, you can view the published products with the Intune Application Manager. This feature will provide you with a live view of all Win32 apps currently in your Intune tenant.

It can help you:

  • Export a list of your Intune Win32 apps to .csv, so you can use our Power BI template to report on third party patching in Intune

  • Manage live assignments for all of your existing Win32 apps in Intune

  • Multi-select and delete Intune Win32 apps or their assignments

The utility can be found within the Publisher in either the Intune Apps or Intune Updates tab, on the right-hand side as a cloud icon with a magnifying glass:

Below is an example screenshot of what the utility looks like in a tenant with some Win32 apps. This is a live view of all Win32 apps currently in your tenant.

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