🔗Integrating Publisher

Details how to connect the Patch My PC (PMPC ) Publisher to our Cloud platform

Before integrating Publisher with our Cloud portal, you need to obtain your unique Company ID.


See Onboarding to Custom Apps for details.

Once you have your unique Company ID for your company’s instance of PMPC Cloud, you can then connect Publisher.

To connect Publisher to PMPC Cloud:

  1. Load the Patch My PC Publishing Service (Publisher) and verify you are running at least version If you are not, upgrade to the latest version.

  2. Click the Cloud tab.


If the Cloud tab is not present, check you have entered your license key and clicked Validate.

  1. In the Connection Name field, enter a unique name for the connection. For example Patch My PC Custom Apps, then click Connect.


The name you enter here determines how this connection shows on the Connections page of the portal.

  1. In your browser, enter the Entra ID you used to onboard to PMPC Cloud or click to select the relevant account from the list of already signed-in accounts. Then click Next.

  2. Enter the password and click Sign in.

    If the connection is successful, a new browser tab opens with the following message:

    Authentication complete. You can return to the application. Feel free to close this browser tab. You can close this tab at this point.

  3. If the Edit a customer screen is not displayed, proceed to Step 8.

  4. If the Edit a customer screen is displayed, click to select the customer you want to connect to, then click OK.

  5. In Publisher, verify the Connection Status shows as Connected, then click Save and Close.


You can also use the Verifying the Publisher connection from the Portal process to verify that your Publisher is connected to the Portal.

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