Getting Started

Software Requirements

Server OS, SQL and Dependencies

Server Operating System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 and later are supported. IIS must be installed.
  • PowerShell LanguageMode must be set to "FullLanguage".
Check your Language Mode with $ExecutionContext.SessionState.LanguageMode
  • Advanced Insights needs approximately 1.5 GB of disk space
  • Minimum 1 CPU Core
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM
CPU and RAM requirements are a minimum for Advanced Insights only and do not consider any other IIS Web sites or Apps running on the same instance.

Windows Server Components and Features

  • Internet Information Services
  • WebSockets (will be added automatically by the installer if missing)
To install IIS on your server outside of the installer you can run this PowerShell command:
Install-WindowsFeature -name Web-Server -IncludeManagementTools

Additional Software Components

  • IIS CORS Module 1.0
  • ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle 7.0.14 (will upgrade lower versions)
  • SQL Server ODBC Driver 17.6 (minimum)
  • IIS URL Rewrite 2.1
The Advanced Insights installer will automatically install additional software if needed.

SQL Server Requirements

Advanced Insights stores configuration information in a SQL database.
  • SQL Server 2016 and later are supported.
  • SQL Server Express, Standard, or Enterprise can be used.
The Configuration Manager SQL database needs to be SQL Server 2016 or higher, with a Compatibility Level of 130 or higher.
The user installing Advanced Insights must have minimum DBCreator and SecurityAdmin rights on the target Advanced Insights SQL Server instance. SQL permissions for reading the Configuration Manager database are discussed here.