Monitoring a Deployment

How to monitor and see the status of an Intune Apps for Patch My PC Cloud deployment

All Intune Apps for Patch My PC (PMPC) Cloud deployments include a status.


As it is Intune Apps performing the deployment and not Microsoft Intune, you can only view the status of these deployments from within the PMPC portal. The status of Intune Apps deployments is not visible from within the Intune admin center.

To see the status of a deployment:

  1. Sign in to the portal at

  2. Navigate to the Deployments page.

    The Deployments page loads, showing all current deployments. The Status column shows the current status of each deployment, which will be one of the following:

  • Success – The application was successfully created in Intune.

  • In Progress – The application is being created in Intune.

  • Failed – The application failed to be created in Intune.

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