Add a User

How to add a user account to Patch My PC Cloud

Users can be added to the PMPC Cloud portal by:

Invitation from an Administrator

To invite a new user to the PMPC Cloud portal:

  1. Access the Users area.

  2. Click Invite User in the header.

  3. On the Invite User screen, enter the user’s details.


The email address you enter must already have an Entra ID account associated with it. If it does not, that user cannot sign into PMPC Cloud.

  1. Under the Role section, click the relevant option for the role you want to assign in the PMPC Cloud portal:

  • Full Admin – Can manage all aspects of Patch My PC Cloud Services, including Custom Apps, Connections (both Publisher and Intune), Company settings, and Branding. If Access Management privileges are enabled, they can also request access for other users.

  • Custom App Admin – Can create, modify and delete custom applications in the Patch My PC Cloud Service. However, they cannot create or edit Publisher and Intune connections, Company settings, Branding, or manage access requests.

  1. Click Invite.

The Success notification stating Successfully invited will be displayed.

The user will receive an email from the mailbox with the subject You are invited to <company_name>.


See Example Invitation email to see an example of the email.

The invitation and its details are shown on the Invitations tab, which includes any previously created outstanding invitations that are still valid.


Invitations are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. If the user does not accept the invitation within this time period, it will expire, and the user will need to be re-invited.

Users should follow the Accepting an Invitation process to onboard to the PMPC Cloud portal.

Users requesting access

When a user from the same company who has not been set up on your company's PMPC Cloud portal tries to sign in, they will see the Select the Company You Want to Sign In To screen.

To join your company, they should click Request Access beside your company.

After clicking this, Request Access changes to Renotify and the Successfully requested notification is displayed.

Any users with the Full Admin role in your PMPC Cloud portal will receive an email containing the user’s details and which company they have requested access to. The email is sent from the mailbox with the subject Access Request <your_company_name>.


See Example Access Request email to see an example of the email.


The user cannot access the PMPC Cloud portal until their request is approved. See Managing Access Requests for more details.

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