Create an Email notification

How to create an email notification in your Patch My PC Cloud portal

You can create an email notification to automatically receive a daily email with details of all deployments that have been updated after the daily sync with our publishing service has been completed.


Email notifications are currently not sent for deployments.

To create an email notification:

  1. In the User Email field, select the relevant administrator’s email address from the dropdown or type their email address.

  2. Click Add New Email to add this email to the list of email addresses that will be sent the notification.


You can add more than one email address. The email address must be in a valid format and can be for an address outside your Intune tenant.

You can also click the trashcan beside an email address to delete it from the list of email addresses to be notified (you may need to scroll down to see the full list).

  1. Click Save on the Add Notifications screen to save the notification.

    The Success - Notification created notification is shown.

    The portal auto-refreshes to show the new notification, including abbreviations of the users who will receive the email notification.

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