Configure Naming Conventions

How to configure Naming Conventions in Patch My PC Cloud for the first time

To configure Naming Conventions:

  1. Navigate to Settings | Naming.

  2. Click on the relevant tab for the type of apps you want to configure naming conventions for.

  3. Configure the options as required. You can:

    a. Type text in each of the fields. b. Use the “+” key to add an option to a specific field. c. Use the double-ellipsis (⋮⋮) beside a field to drag it to a different order on the page.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

    The Success – Naming Conventions saved notification is displayed.


Any new deployments you create will be based on whatever you have defined. At the next sync, we will also update any existing deployments you have created to follow the new naming convention.

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