Modify Branding

How to modify Branding in Intune Apps for Patch My PC Cloud


At present, you can only reset the logo the Branding app uses to the out-the-box Patch My PC (PMPC) logo.

To reset the logo used by the Branding app:

  1. Navigate to Branding.

  2. In the Company Logo area, click Use Default.

    The Branding page resets to the out-of-the-box defaults.

  3. Click Save to save your changes to Intune, which will deploy the modified version to all your devices.

    The Success - Branding updated notification is shown.

    Once your branding app has been updated with the default PMPC branding, the Branding deployment status and Last updated fields update to show when your branding was last changed.


If you look in the Events section, you see a message stating Default Branding <your_branding_app_name> Created.

  1. Now follow the Recreate Branding process to apply these changes to the branding app in the Microsoft Intune Intune admin center.

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