Add Branding

How to add Branding in Intune Apps for Patch My PC Cloud

To add branding:

  1. Access the Branding page.

  2. In the Branding Intune App Name field, type a name for the branding app that will be created in Intune containing your branding.

  3. Click Upload Logo to upload the logo for your branding that meets the requirements noted on the Branding screen.

    The selected image is shown on the Branding screen and the Notification Preview updates to show what the notification will look like when shown on your devices.

  4. Adjust the logo until you are happy.

  5. Click Save to save your settings and publish the branding app to Intune.

    The Branding has been created successfully notification is shown.

    Once successfully published, the Branding deployment status and Last Change fields update to show the last time branding was last updated.


If you look in the Events section, you see a message stating Custom Branding <your_branding_app_name> Created.

If you look in the Intune admin center, you will see the Branding app listed along with your other apps.

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