Download and Install

These Install Instructions are valid for installing both Patch Insights and Advanced Insights.

Run the installation

Ensure the Software requirements have been reviewed here: Software Requirements

Download the latest installer for Advanced Insights by clicking the link below.

You can view the release history for Advanced Insights on our release history page.

Start the installation by double-clicking the downloaded AdvancedInsights.exe

Prerequisites Screen

Once the installation starts, you will likely be greeted by the prerequisite screen in our installer wizard, click Next.

If you have already met the prerequisite requirements, these screens will not be shown, and you can step down to the License Terms and Conditions step.

Select Prerequisites

Any required prerequisites are listed. These can all install without requiring a restart. Confirm the requirements and click Next.

License Terms and Conditions

Once the required prerequisites have been installed, you must accept the Terms and Conditions of use. Tick the "I agree" box and click Next.

Installation Folder

Advanced Insights requires approximately 1.5GB of storage space. Confirm the installation directory and click Next.

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