Software Applications provided by Configuration Manager

This dashboard shows details for all Applications defined in the Configuration Manager console.

The top row of statistics give you quick access to any applications modified recently as well as enabling you to see unused applications which can potentially be retired.

The table lists all applications and their aggregated deployment status, i.e. of there are multiple deployments for an application, this level provides an overall summary of all deployments. This table can be filtered to a chosen collection.

Click through to any individual application shows additional detail, including individual deployment compliance:

General Information

The General Information tab lists the metadata for the application and details of the distribution point status for the application.

Deployment Types

The Deployment Types tab lists all deployment types defined for the application, the relevant technology and content size with the source path.


The deployments tab lists each deployment and its related compliance.


The compliance tab lists each targeted client and its overall application deployment compliance. Clicking any individual machine will take you to the device view focussed on the software - applicatinos tab.

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