Accept an Invitation

How users accept their invitation to Patch My PC Cloud

This article details how users receiving an invitation should action it to access their company’s Patch My PC (PMPC) Cloud portal.


Send the link to these instructions to any users invited to your PMPC Cloud portal to help them onboard.

To accept your invitation to join your company on PMPC Cloud:

  1. Locate your invitation email titled You have been invited and click Join Now.


See Example Invitation email to see an example of the email.

  1. On the User info screen of the onboarding wizard, verify your name.

  2. Click the Terms and Conditions link to see these for using PMPC software and services.

    The Terms and Conditions page is displayed. Once you’ve reviewed them, click the X in the top right-hand corner to close this window.

  3. If you agree with our terms and conditions, check the Accept all Terms and conditions checkbox.


You cannot proceed with the onboarding without checking this checkbox.

  1. Click Continue.

The PMPC Cloud portal loads, showing the App Catalog page.

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