😺App Catalog

The App Catalog is where you will select, customise and deploy your applications and updates directly to Intune.

  1. Navigate to App Catalog and select the product you want Patch My PC to create and manage in Intune.

  2. Click Deploy

  3. Validate the application settings: Display Name, Language, Architecture, Installer Type, Install Context and click Next

Note the available General Information options will differ per app.

  1. Add any pre or post install or uninstall scripts, validate the Install Parameters and click Next

  2. Add some assignments

Available: An optional application that will be available to install via the Company Portal.

Required: A mandatory application that will be installed for any users or devices that it is assigned to.

Update Only: A mandatory update that will be installed for any users or devices that it is applicable for.

Uninstall: A mandatory uninstall that will remove an application from any users or devices that it is assigned to.

Adding an Available assignment will also prompt that you add an Update Only application as well. This will ensure that applications assigned as Available are also kept up to date automatically when installed via the Company Portal

  1. Once you have added your assignments, you can configure options like Filters, Notifications and Delivery Optimization. When done, click Next.

Note: Configuring Availability and Deadline is not yet available

  1. Review your configured application and click Deploy

  2. You will then be able to view your deployment progress as well as view and edit your application deployment, under Deployments

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